Pediatric Massage!  

Kids begin to compete at an early age often developing aches, pains, misalignment and stress too!

Your child may suffer an injury that requires medical attention. Massage can help accelerate the healing process and decrease the pain your child is experiencing.

Children experience stress too. Massage can sooth the nervous system and give your child some time to “let go.” Research shows that once the mind experiences relaxation, “happy hormones” are released from the brain, reduce cortisol (the stress hormone) and effect all parts of the body - skin, organs, heart rate, immunity and general well being. It allows your child to recognize how good it feels to be stress free and resets the body so that endorphins and serotonin are flowing rather than being stuck in "fight or flight" mode.

Many children, born with unique obstacles in their lives, benefit greatly when receiving massage. Martha has worked with special needs kids and would love to learn about your child's unique needs, understand the current assistance they are receiving from physical or occupational therapies. From those conversations, we can develop a graduated approach to helping your child progress. Often times, just adding the comforting and educated soothing hands on to a treatment plan can adjust a child's perception of touch being hurtful. This process can also flip a physical and hormonal switch allowing that child to benefit even more from other therapies. Please inquire if you are interested in hearing options that might help.

Massage promotes healing, calms the mind and relieves stress. It is, indeed, beneficial for all ages! 

Infant Massage Classes for Parents!

Learning parent massage adds a wonderful new way of connecting with your infant.  
Massage has a lifelong influence on physical well being, communication awareness, optimal growth and neurological development from the very beginning of life.  For more information on the fun, joyful and family supportive classes, click here!   or  CLICK HERE to sign up for a free information meeting!